Friday, Aug 23, 2019
Inspire operates in four key regions of Thailand and connects with thousands of customers everyday throughout Thailand. Our regional and national eNewsletters are sent to over 60,000 unique email addresses each week, whilst our websites, social networks and App enjoy healthy regular traffic. We have bespoke other media channels in each region, such as our own 24 hour TV channel that plays throughout the 6 largest Fitness centres in Pattaya and Bangkok,whilst we also have a 24 hour channel playing on Koh Chang on their local cable channel, aptly named ‘Inspire TV in Koh Chang’. Video is a key and increasingly vital online strategy for connecting with customers, and because of our high quality video features we produce for our customers, the Inspire You Tube channel alone gets over 1,000 views per day. We are experts in getting the most out of video and can also assist your own online initiatives using video too. We offer various packages for business and, even though our reach and product is premium and good, our pricing policy is to be lower than what you would find within traditional media; yet our mission is to deliver you far more value than you could possibly expect! You can contact us via the website or direct to
or telephone + 66 (0) 86 155 2500.
Our head office contact number is 038 373 083.